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Digital transformation: Our chat bot offers personalized and seamless service from the first contact with the customer

The logistics sector is evolving thanks to digital transformation, and at Rglog we are constantly updating ourselves with new trends to offer the best service to our distinguished customers.

The concept of digital transformation is based on the implementation of new technologies in the different departments of the company to improve service efficiency. Thanks to these new digital capabilities, processes in transportation, product packaging, warehousing, etc. can be optimized.

According to a Forbes Insights survey, 65% of logistics companies are aware that they need to update their business model with new digital trends if they want to survive the future of the industry.

At Rglog we share that vision, and proof of this is the Chat Bot on our website that functions as the initial link with customers. When a person communicates with us through the chat, the robot will request a series of basic data so that a commercial advisor can contact them later.

With this technology, we ensure that the customer receives personalized treatment from the very first moment and we reduce response times. We offer people the possibility of contacting them via e-mail, a phone call or through the WhatsApp instant messaging service.

How our chat bot works

Now we will explain how our bot works step by step:

  • The first thing to do is to go to the rglog.com website.
  • In the bottom right corner of the screen you will see the button with the robot’s face. Click there to start the chat
  • You will receive a welcome greeting that you must respond to by clicking on the “Hello!” button.
  • Then a box will appear for you to type in your name.
  • Now you must indicate the status of your request between “Commercial Advisor”, “Quotation” and “Social Networks”.
  • If you select “Business Advisor” or “Quote”, the bot will ask you to supply your email address
  • If you wish, you can register your phone number to receive a call from an Rglog executive.
  • Then, you must choose whether you want to receive the information in your email or WhatsApp
  • A sales executive will be with you shortly

If you click on the social networks button, links to access Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts will appear. You will also see the link to communicate via WhatsApp.

The bot has an intuitive and very user-friendly platform, which can be used by people of any age without complications.

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